Running a Company

Running a Limited Liability Company

You can run a limited liability company in China, and most foreign enterprises register as WFOE, LLC, JV, Partners.

Although you will follow the company’s rules in China. But you also need a business partner to operate the details procedures under Chinese company’s laws. We are helping clients from all over the world to build a great relationship with the Chinese Government through our services.

Here we’ve prepared some info and let you know more details of running a limited company in china.

1. Responsibilities of Chinese Companies’ Directors.
2. Taking money out of a limited company in china.
3. Company changes you must report.
4. Company financial and accounting records.
5. Open a Corporate Bank Account.
6. Procedure of Registering a Company within 15 work days.
7. Types Names of Companies you can Set up in China .
8. How to Establish Your Corporation in China .

We provide series of solutions to all clients and wish to be your business partner in China, please let me know if you want running a limited company in China.

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Responsibilities of Chinese Companies' Directors

Professional Advisor

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