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If you are intending to register a company in China, we can help you apply for the application from Chinese Government and only need 15 working days through our services.

Procedure for China Company Registration ( WFOE, JV, Rep- Office, LLC, Joint Venture, Partners Enterprises ):

5 working days apply for company names in Chinese and English.
3 working days apply for foreign enterprises registration.
1 working day to check the passports or legal rep and supervisors.
5 working days apply for business license.
1 working day to apply for stamps of company.

the process of above schedule is the whole procedure of register China, after the business license approved, as an employer to pay salary, expenses or benefits to anyone, and you can do and operate your business in China.

Procedures of Register a Company in China:

– Prepare Certification of Investors
– Check the Passports of Legal Representative, Shareholders and Supervisors
– Confirm the Register Capital and Business Scope
– Names Approval
– Sign Legal Documents
– Foreign Management Registration
– Business License Application
– Bank Account Opening
– Apply for Special Licenses and Permits
– Apply for the Customs License
– Apply for License from Inspection and Quarantine
– Apply for Import and Export License
– Tax Registration and Chinese Invoice Issue

if you need a professional legal adviser to find out more details of procedure for register company in China, please contact us.