Opening a consulting wfoe

Register and set up consulting Company

As the top Chinese business management consulting services firm, we provide foreigners and foreign companies with WFOE opening, consulting limited company set up, and series of solution of company registration.

Processes of Startup a Consulting Company in China:

– Prepare Certification of Investors
– Check the Passports of Legal Representative, Shareholders and Supervisors
– Confirm the Register Capital and Business Scope
– Names Approval
– Sign Legal Documents
– Foreign Management Registration
– Business License Application
– Bank Account Opening
– Tax Registration and Chinese Invoice Issue

About the Register Capital of Consulting Company

Today’s Chinese foreign enterprises investment laws and policies have become more open and suitable for all kinds of consulting, services, management companies, if you intend to set up a consulting Company,the minimum register capital only need 20,000 USD, and Chinese Government allows foreign investors put into the capital within 30 years after you get business license.

Our Consulting Company Registration Services are suitable for all those companies intending to do the following activities:

– Business Consulting
– Services and Management
– High-Technology Industry
– Marketing Agency
– Enterprises Management Consulting, etc.

Whether your consulting company belongs to WFOE, LLC, Partnership, Joint Venture, or Holding or Subsidiary Company, our firm has 18 years experience of foreign enterprises investment and provides one-stop solution.

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