Open a Corporate Account

Open a Corporate Bank Account in China

A cost effective banking solution for your business. Starting Business can provide full assistance in the opening of a corporate bank account with Banking Corporation in China.

What the Bank Offers

Banking offers a wide range of products and services including :

1. Personal and Corporate Accounts.
2. Business/Personal Debit MasterCards.
3. Full Internet Banking Facilities.
4. High Quality Banking System.
5. Trade Finance Services.
6. Customer support in English and China.

Starting Business provides assistance with

Our assistant will help you prepare all documents and take you to apply for china bank account.

1. Verifying personal & corporate documentation.
2. Completion of the bank forms which will be forwarded to you for signing with relevant instructions.
3. Sending the full package to the bank for final approval.
4. Monitoring the account opening process until account allocation and banking package is received.