Establish LLC

How to Establish a Limited Liability Company

If your Chinese business is organized as a limited liability company (LLC) and it is doing business in mainland China,  you must register a LLC in China, and apply for business licenses and get bank account.

As a foreign LLC usually includes these activities:

– Having a bank account in China
– Provide services and consulting
– Offer technology services
– Domestic trade
– International import and export
– Issue invoice from Chinese tax department
– Hire Chinese and foreign employees
– Foreigners entry visa approval

The process for registering a foreign LLC is different for each city in mainland China. Register your LLC (limited liability company) in the Chinese cities where you are doing your business. You will apply for the official LLC licenses
and permits from the Chinese Government.

Services for Chinese company establishment

– Guidance on the type of Chinese Company that best suits your needs.
– Assistance naming your company, including those that require permission.
– Ongoing company secretarial support.
– Virtual registered office address services.
– Help setting up a business bank account.
– Open a Corporate Bank Account in china.
– Accounting services for foreign companies.
– Annual check and audit services.
– HR and Payroll, secretarial services.
– Visa and Work Permit for foreign employees.

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how long to register LLC

around 3-4weeks