Corporate Registration

How to Establish Your Corporation in China

We advise on the foreign corporations set up their enterprises and open business entities in Mainland China.  Help them establish brands and corporate registration through our whole legal services process, series of procedures and guides.

Our Corporation Registration Services are suitable for all those companies intending to do the following activities:

– Business Consulting
– Services and Management
– High-Technology Industry
– Trading and Import & Export
– Special Industries

Procedures of Corporate Registration in China:

– Prepare Certification of Investors
– Check the Passports of Legal Representative, Shareholders and Supervisors
– Confirm the Register Capital and Business Scope
– Names Approval
– Sign Legal Documents
– Foreign Management Registration
– Business License Application
– Bank Account Opening
– Apply for Special Licenses and Permits
– Apply for the Customs License
– Apply for License from Inspection and Quarantine
– Apply for Import and Export License
– Tax Registration and Chinese Invoice Issue

Today’s Chinese foreign investment laws and policies have become more open and easier for foreign companies, and suitable for all global businesses and enterprises those entrepreneurs eager to open Chinese Marketing.

We provide series of solutions to all clients and wish to be your business partner in China, please let me know if you have any questions about Chinese corporate registration.

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